Our carefully selected team of Account Managers have the talent and expertise to assist our clients in creating a program tailored to the specific requirements of the project with a goal to achieve the most successful results. As a client of Pride Signs, a dedicated Account Manager will be appointed to your organization and will work with you to establish the unique requirements of each and every project. They will make recommendations on what is required to make a powerful impression based on analysis of the image you wish to portray, the site and building features, as well as the local by-law requirements. It’s the Account Manager’s responsibility to communicate the project details to the appropriate departments within our organization and to generate art renderings and quotes for the client’s approval. This ensures the client maintains complete control of the image that is created and the budget that is required for every site. Pride Signs recognizes communication as one of the most important elements in any business relationship and our Account Managers are communications experts.






Our structural department pays close attention to all the details that ensure each sign we produce is constructed with quality materials that guarantee longevity and pleasing aesthetics. Location, weather conditions, wind load, installation requirements, ground conditions and electrical requirements are some of the aspects that are considered during the structural design of our signs. The engineering team produces structural drawings, software files, production-ready artwork and material lists that are released to the production team so each custom project is produced to the precise specifications dictated by the client during the creative design stage. Pride Signs has the capability of providing Professional Engineer Stamping from within our Engineering Department if required to meet by-law stipulations or contractor’s needs. We also partner with Professional Engineers across the U.S. and Canada to meet regional by-law requirements.






Our permitting team reviews the by-law requirements for each city or municipality at the beginning of appropriate projects. This preliminary step guides the Account Managers when they are analyzing site requirements and guarantees that appropriate signage is proposed and designed and that they can be easily permitted. Our permit specialists are well educated in the process required to prepare and submit permit applications to the appropriate authority once a project has been approved by our client. They work closely with our engineering team to make sure appropriate drawings, elevations and site plans are submitted so each project moves through the regional permit office smoothly and efficiently. When special requirements are dictated by site challenges or desired sign locations, our team is prepared to represent our clients when obtaining variances for special permits.







Progressive Technologies play an important role in our development. Our 95,000 square foot manufacturing facility is among the most advanced in North America. The production floor design at our facility was developed with careful consideration in order to maximize efficiency while maintaining the flexibility required to manage all of our custom projects. A combination of computerized equipment and fine craftsmanship ensures exact execution of the detailed projects that flow through our facility. Our highly trained and skilled production team work with state-of-the-art equipment including CNC Metal Bending and Cutting Machines, CNC Router Tables, Large CNC Brake Machines, Paint and Bake Booths that provide automotive quality paint finishes and color matches, Accubend Letter Formers , Vacuum Formers, Digital Printers and Rolls Roller Flatbed Applicators.






Once the signs have been crafted to meet the client’s specifications, our team of installation professionals take over to implement the successful installation. Beginning in our crating department where custom crates are built to ensure safe transportation of the product, we then utilize the know-how of our logistics co-ordinators and our in-house install co-ordinators to ensure our product arrives at site and is installed, on time and secure. Our many years in the industry has allowed us to form the crucial partnerships that enable us to install across North America. Our fleet of five crane trucks and team of installation professionals play an important role to install and service the greater Toronto and Southwest Ontario area. 







Our commitment to exceed our client’s expectations extends to our customer care and service department.  Our team is well versed in dealing with the requirements of on-site service and maintenance. Whether you would like to arrange maintenance for your existing signage or need emergency assistance regarding a sign repair, you need only contact our service department and they will manage the details with speed and efficiency.

Over 35 years of building partnerships and resources has afforded Pride Signs the advantage of acquiring the best quality materials and components for use when crafting our signs. This value is passed on to our clients in the form of comprehensive and competitive warranty programs







Our Project Management Team works closely with all the departments within our organization to ensure a smooth transition from concept to installation. This team monitors each project as it advances through the process from structural design to permit application, from production release to meeting the install date. They play a crucial role in ensuring communications within our organization are maintained and are in constant contact with the Account Managers providing an ongoing overview of each project.






Our award winning design team enjoys the challenge of creating innovative and fresh sign ideas that enhance the image of our clients and promote the brands represented. Years of experience and collective knowledge are the foundation our team builds from; incorporating aesthetic considerations, structural requirements, budgetary factors and by-law requirements to achieve creative sign solutions that are innovatively designed and well made. Our in-house Creative Design department is an important aspect of the services we offer because a powerful sign program allows companies to gain visibility and build brand recognition, making the public aware of the product or service being offered in their community, an important strategy to attract new customers and generate impulse buying.