Pride Signs is well equipped to manage National Programs throughout North America and we are adept at dealing with single or multiple brands. We are prepared to execute a well-orchestrated program, whether it involves a national re-branding, the introduction of a new brand to the Canadian market or a refresh of an existing brand.

Frequent implementation of these types of projects has enabled us to obtain the important resources and form the crucial partnerships necessary to launch a successful program. Our team includes bilingual Project Managers who are well versed in dealing with our French Canadian partners along with bilingual permitting experts who are educated in the complicated by-law and language laws that must be adhered to in the Province of Quebec.



Our design team is genuinely interested in our clients’ requirements and are motivated to create impactful designs. They recognize the importance of generating designs with a pleasing visual impact that enhances the brand design while ensuring that the best manufacturing solutions can be achieved.

We are confident our clients will be pleased with the refreshing concepts our Design Team will deliver. 



We consider brand development to be a key asset in creating value in a company and recognize the importance of projecting marketing and branding as a unified whole. That is why it is important for a single sign solution resource, like Pride Signs, to manage the implementation of your National Program. We examine all aspects of your project and make recommendations not only to meet your budgetary requirements but to maximize the impact of your image and your exposure in your market place. Working with Pride Signs will ensure your brand integrity is respected by producing and installing your brand image accurately and consistently.



An additional valuable asset Pride Signs offers their clients in National Program implementation is a strong Project Management team. This team makes a significant contribution in providing a consistent brand image that encompasses the geographic target area. They are skilled at anticipating what will be required and heading off challenges. This solution-oriented team stays focused on the big picture while ensuring all the tasks that make up the overall project are completed properly and on time.


To properly execute any National Program it is essential to provide bi-lingual services to our customers.  We have ensured our bi-lingual team can provide any organization with the crucial information required to successfully complete any project.  Starting in Account management we provide comprehensive communications which enable clients to select the design and budget for their project.  Our project management team provides bi-lingual communications throughout the production and installation process and bilingual permit experts ensure we meet all regulatory by-laws including the language laws in Quebec.



Thirty-five years in the industry has afforded Pride Signs the opportunity to build strong relationships with Installation Experts and, with our network of partners growing each year, we have formed quality partnerships around the globe. Individual companies are screened on an ongoing basis to ensure they possess the proper equipment and know-how to install any of our products. Our in-house team of Installation Co-ordinators works closely with our Install Partners to ensure the installation of the sign goes smoothly and is on time. Providing our partners with custom field kits, detailed structural drawings and specific instructions are all key ingredients to our successful recipe.

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